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Q-Lines Customer Testimonials"It was a pleasure dealing with Eric! I emailed him on a Sunday and received his proposal later that same day. His price was very reasonable but his attention to detail and communication to me was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend him."


Thanks Jay

Byrnes Insurance




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials"Eric, thanks for completing my four McDonald’s in a timely and professional manner again this year! As a business owner it is nice to be able to rely on someone like yourself to have such high standards in what you do and how you complete your work. You have done an outstanding job over the years and 2012 was no different!"

Bob Plunkett

Robans Enterprises, LLC (McDonald's)




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials“Eric is a real pro. You can count on Q-Lines for great service and advice... PAP Auto does.”




Rene Comtois

PAP Auto

Brooklyn, CT




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials“Eric, thank you for completing the crack fills and seal-coating at our place of business. You were VERY professional along the way and what pleased me the most was that every detail was attended to. A job WELL DONE and would HIGHLY recommend Q-Lines to everyone I know.”

Doug Taber, Jr.

Taber Realty, Inc.

Moosup, CT




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials“Eric from Q-Lines, LLC has Seal-coated my driveway since it was put in in 2007. He does a fantastic job and it really does help to preserve the driveway and keep it looking in brand new condition.”


Gary Malo

Canterbury, CT




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials“I have had Eric from Q-Lines Seal-coat my driveway twice so far. I/we have been very satisfied with both his customer service and the quality of his work and products. Eric is very good at checking my driveway for when it needs to be done again. It is always a pleasure to speak to him.”

Martin Graham

Brooklyn, CT




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials“Q-Lines, LLC has resealed my driveway for several years now and I am very pleased with the service from Eric. Being a Senior Citizen I find his prices very reasonable and affordable. I will always have him for taking care of my driveway.”


 Helen Bessette

Danielson. CT




Q-Lines Customer Testimonials"The Citizens National Bank has done business with Q-Lines, LLC for all line striping and rail painting since 2009. Eric has always been prompt, courteous and do an excellent job."



Patricia A. Daviau

Senior Vice President

The Citizens National Bank


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